V/A - New Victories

  • V/A - New Victories

"The right to define oneself, and not to be defined."

Small Mercies is proud to present our latest in-house assemblage of hedonistic electronics. Nearly two hours of free flowing pyroclastic noise. Edition of 111 copies in clear resealable poly-bag on wet leopard print paper with double sided 11" x 17" deluxe tracklist poster. Private edition of 33 copies on after hours internal reflection nosebleed paper.

Disc One:
Country Gun - Fixed Upon The Light That Guides Her
Timewalkers - Untitled (Kabuki Dub)
Amphibian - Cattail Sybian
Vampyric Seasons - Shadow Of The Vampire
Lapse - Medical Center Chapel
Valerie 23 - Lost In The Mall

Disc Two:
Le Masque De Fer - Solitaire
Amphibian - Frozen Jack In The Pulpit Glare
Losers - Untitled (Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe)
Water Lice - Valhalla Band
Shredded Nerve - Wasted Gift
Mistletoe - Cabaret

*Please note that this is a pre-order and will ship in 6-8 weeks.